2002 Tuna Longline Fishing Vessel

Features Overview

    Type of Construction: Single screw Tuna Longline Fishing Vessel
    Construction: All welded hull, single chine, with raked stem, bulbous bow &
    transom, superstructure and wheelhouse marine aluminium.
    Survey Authority: Department for Planning & Infrastructure – Marine Branch (Western
    Class: USL Class 3A Fishing Vessel
    Port of Registry: Fremantle, Western Australia.
    Year of Construction: 2002
    Builder: TENIX Defence Pty Ltd (Western Australia)
    Length OA: 24.33m
    Breadth (Mld): 7.00m
    Depth (Mld): 3.47m
    Draft 2.95m
    Speed: 10.60 knots
    Fuel oil: 48000 litres (approx)
    Freshwater: 25000 litres (approx)
    Deadweight (max) 83 tonnes
    Crew: 10 persons
    Bait Freezer: 9m³ @ -25ºC
    Brine Tanks: 12.3m³ @ -1.8ºC
    Fish Hold: 55m³ @ -5ºC to +3ºC
    Accommodation: One (1) 1-man cabin with adjoining washroom
    One (1) 1-man cabin
    One (1) 8-man cabin
    One (1) mess / recreation room
    One (1) galley (all electric)
    Two (2) wash / laundry
    ��� Builder’s Certificate
    ��� Survey Certificate
    ��� Compass Adjustment
    ��� Radio Certificate
    ��� RFD (Australia) Liferaft Certificate
    ��� Stability Book
    The vessel is designed and built as a modern longline fishing vessel, built with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, equipped with the latest electronic navigation and fishing equipment to fish for Tuna and Broadbill along the Western Australian Coast. FV ‘34 South’ is capable of fishing at sea for an extended period of 12 – 14 days, maintaining its catch in prime condition for the export market. The vessel has a refrigerated hold of 55m³ with an FDC unit and two (2) 4 tonnes /day ice makers, in addition to two (2) refrigerated brine tanks.
    Comfortable, air-conditioned accommodation, with all facilities, is built in to cater for the crew’s needs. A well appointed galley with its own refrigeration storage is well provided for. The engine room is well fitted out with all machinery, refrigeration, hydraulics and electrical equipment. Ventilation to the engine room is via a mechanically forced air with relief system.
    The vessel is complete in all respects, with all fishing equipment ready for its intended role. The standard of the construction is to a high commercial standard equal to any Shipyard worldwide. The fishing deck layout is well designed for longlining, with all fishing equipment positioned to give ease of operation when shooting, hauling and handling the catch.
    Main Engine: One (1) ‘Caterpillar’ 3508, 775 bHP @ 1200 RPM
    Gearbox: One (1) ‘ZF’ 7000, 3.94 : 1 gear ratio with shaft brake
    Propeller: One (1) 4-blade, fixed pitch
    Propeller shaft: 5.5”, 316 stainless steel
    Bow thruster: One (1) Keypower KP18 2000LB hydraulic thruster
    Generators: Two (2) ‘Cummins’ 6CTA 8.3, 100 eKW 415/3/50
    Emergency Power: 24 Volt DC
    Steering: Power assisted hydraulic
    Refrigeration: Two (2) ‘Bitzer’ OSN 5351 K, 415/3/50
    Ice makers: Two (2) ‘BUUS’ 4 tonne / day
    Pumps: Two (2) bilge pumps
    One (1) general service / fire pump
    One (1) condenser cooling pump
    Two (2) RSW pumps
    Two (2) domestic FW pumps
    One (1) desalinator
    One (1) fuel oil transfer pump
    Liferaft: One (1) 10-man RFD inflatable liferaft
    Deck Crane: One (1) Effer hydraulic operated deck cargo crane
    Lifejackets, lifebuoys,
    pyrotechnics: All fitted and approved by the Survey Authority
    First Aid: Fitted as approved by the Survey Authority
    Fire extinguisher: All fitted and approved by the Survey Authority
    Anchor windlasses: One (1) electro-hydraulic anchor windlass with double gypsy and
    warping heads
    Two (2) 190kg ‘CQR’ anchors
    Anchor cable: Two (2) 110m 19mm U2 stud-link chain
    ��� ‘Linemaster’ longline shooter controller
    ��� ‘Taiyo’ ADDF TD-L1100
    ��� ‘Funuro’ T-2000 temperature gauge
    ��� ‘Pioneer’ CD stereo
    ��� ‘Linemaster’ GPS beacon receiver
    ��� ‘Furuno’ 2 x GP-31 GPS receivers
    ��� ‘EJ Electrical’ watch alarm
    ��� ‘Saura’ A-III rudder indicator
    ��� ‘Icom’ IC-M45 VHF transceiver
    ��� ‘Furuno’ FS-1562-15 SSB transceiver
    ��� ‘Raymarine’ Ray 430 loudhailer
    ��� ‘Nera’ Neraphone mini-M phone
    ��� One (1) CDMA Kyocera mobile phone
    ��� ‘Thrane & Thrane’ TT-3022D Inmarsat C transceiver
    ��� ‘Furuno’ CI-60G doppler current indicator
    ��� ‘Furuno’ FCV-1200G 28kHz 10kw, 50kHz 10kw, 200kHz 5kw sounder
    ��� ‘Furuno’ FR 7112 72nm 12kw radar
    ��� ‘Saura’ 3000AT autopilot
    ��� ‘Saura’ 3000AT repeater compass
    ��� ‘CCTV’ monitor system
    ��� Two (2) ‘Pentium’ IV PC system with 17” ‘Viewmaster’ LCD flat panel monitor fitted with
    ‘Maxsea’ Plotter software and C-Map NT charts, ‘Orbimage’ satellite imagery software and
    interfaced to other navigational equipment
    Longline drum: One (1) ‘HEC’ hydraulically operated longline double drum waterfall
    with 104km of 4mm mono longline
    Branch line haulers: Two (2) ‘HEC’ branch line hydraulic haulers
    Line shooter: One (1) ‘HEC’ hydraulic line shooter with counter
    Utility winch: One (1) 500kg line pull hydraulic utility winch
    Floats: 220 in number 300mm diameter line floats
    Beacons: Five (5) ‘Seastar’ GPS RDF beacons
    Four (4) ‘Seastar’ HF beacons
    Branch lines: 2000 in number branch lines, hooks, tackle and bins
    Squid system: Two (2) ‘Hamade’ My-10 squid fishing machines
    One (1) ‘Everelectronics Co’ squid lighting system
    All particulars given in good faith as supplied by the vendors without guarantee

  • Main Engine:

    Caterpillar 3508

  • Fuel Capacity:

    48,000 lts approx

  • Water Storage:

    25,000 lts approx

  • Other Details:

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